Joyride Band | The Best Mid-West Party Band!

Joyride is a nine-piece Michigan band from the mid-west that really appeals to a broad age range. Their ability to please even the most discriminating audience, regardless of age, has made Joyride one of the most requested bands around. Their talent and versatility puts this band in a class of all their own. Complete with high-energy dance steps and a fantastic light show, the band performs powerful renditions of the Classics, Motown hits, many 50's & 60's favorites, as well as Disco, Top-Forty and all the current Hip-Hop Hits.

Houston | The Best Mid-West Country Band!

What the Houston Band serves up is one heck of a good time. The fabulous female singers provide much of the entertainment and fun. That doesn’t mean, however, that they treat guests like royalty. They may pour a drink right down a guest’s throat. They may even take a shot and then light their breath on fire. They most certainly will get on the bar and do a boot-stompin’ dance.

While the female members are sassy singers, they are also talented dancers and entertainers. When they aren’t performing choreographed numbers on the bar, they are encouraging guests to have a good time. It’s all about down-home hospitality, and the Houston Band delivers.

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